Carson's 'Today Show' Gig Sounds Kinda Weird

If you noticed something a little too tan and a little too stiff this morning on your favorite NBC talk show, fear not. That's just our boy Carson Daly — he's joined the Today Show . Thursday was his first day on the job and he sat down with Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales, Hota Kotb, Kathie Lee, and some other white dude whose name no one can remember to announce his triumphant position as the Today Show's Orange Room host.

Unfamiliar with this colored room Today is all excited about? Soon enough, Carson will explain everything. On Monday, this Orange Room will launch and Mr. Daly will be there to manage this "space that connects the show and the audience like never before." It sounds to me like Carson will be reading your tweets on air, which sounds about as interesting as reading Twitter for yourself, but maybe there will be more to it.

Today explains:

As the Orange Room host, Carson will allow viewers to weigh in and influence show segments and give them unprecedented access to our TODAY family and friends. The lineup will evolve as we continue to hear what viewers want, so speak up, share your ideas and stay tuned!

Hear that? If you want Matt and Savannah to chug mimosas then start tickling Roker, speak up. Carson will be there to make your 140-character dreams a reality. Want Natalie to say "purple leather" five times fast? Dream bigger, guys — Carson's on board.