Christopher Meloni Enters as Dark Horse in the Running for "Sexiest Chris of the Year” — PHOTOS

Hey, Chris Hemsworth, your winning smile, sexy accent, and ripped abs might have contributed to your title of People's Sexiest Man Alive, but you just might need to make some room for former Law & Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni. The actor is giving all celebs named Chris a run for their money, because Chris Meloni actually might be the Sexiest Man Alive, or as he puts it the "Sexiest Chris of the Year."

On Wednesday, the actor took to Twitter to announce that he is the sexy man of the hour. Of course, he's joking, which is easy to tell based on the photos he shared. Not only is he sporting a nice mustache and a full head of hair, but he also showcases himself with fake teeth and gigantic sunglasses.

Per the captions, he gives a shout out to "EW" aka Entertainment Weekly. Now, I'm not sure if he's doing an interview with the entertainment website and is having some fun, or if EW is doing their own version of People's annual sexy honor. There's also a good chance Meloni mistook EW for People, but seeing as he tweeted them twice, I doubt that. It doesn't really matter (unless EW is doing an entire spread featuring Meloni's disguises, because if that's the case, I'd like my copy shipped ASAP), because this is freaking hilarious and that's all that matters. Meloni sure knows how to have a good time, and now I'm certain I want to hang with him, grab some drinks, and become BFFs.

As you can see, Meloni would like you to vote for your favorite. What are you waiting for? Don't disappoint this sexy Chris!