The Sad, Sad Mugshot Of Gabriel Harris, Denied Taco Bell At 3 A.M. And Promptly Arrested — PHOTO

Look at this mugshot. Just look at it. This is all of us on a Saturday-evening-slash-Sunday-morning, denied a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese — what do you mean, we're only serving the breakfast menu?! — having dragged your sleepy, drunken self to the Golden Arches in pursuit of that sweet, sweet slab of meat slathered with cheese. Now, imagine you'd cycled to Taco Bell at 3 a.m. and somehow — somehow! — wound up dragged from Taco Bell to a police station, with absolutely nil bean burrito with fire sauce. You'd even resisted arrest for the sake of your burrito, only to be thrown into a cell.

This would be your face.

Here is the story of Gabriel Harris, 33 and starving hungry. Just after three in the morning, Harris and a friend cycled up to the Taco Bell drive-thru window, presumably slurring something about burritos. (On a serious note, don't drink and drive, you idiot, applies to bikes, too. Avoid all wheels, even those tiny ones on roller skates.) Taco Bell took one look at the bikes and said, "Nuh-uh." Harris and his friend, not to be deterred, flat-out refused to leave until they were given food. Taco Bell called 911, reported the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Cops arrived at Taco Bell to find Harris still sitting on his bike at the drive-thru speaker, stubbornly refusing to move. There was a Swiss Army knife on his belt loop, which one of the officers noticed instantly. The officer reached for the knife, and Harris struck out and grabbed the cop's hand. Of course, Harris was thrown to the ground and taken into custody, because that's not a smart move.

At which point Harris was told he was being charged with resisting arrest with violence. You'd have made this face too.

In August, Harris was arrested for again resisting an officer, this time without violence. (No word on whether this involved a Wendy's.) The Miami Herald reports that Harris "appeared happier in his mugshot then." Probably because he'd narrowly avoided a Wendy's.

Image: Volushia County Sheriff's Office