Where To Buy ‘Shark Tank’s Earthlog, Because Winter Is Coming

It's hard to believe that we're still a month away from the official start of winter. Hell, we're barely halfway through fall, but already temperatures have fallen below freezing in all 50 states. That may be bad news for my fellow dry skin sufferers, but it's great for one of Shark Tank 's latest aspiring businesses, the Earthlog. Building a crackling fire, sippin' some cocoa, smelling the crisp autumnal air — it all sounds beautiful, quaint, and seasonally-appropriate. But starting a fire (in a hearth or in your backyard) is no easy task, especially when you're worried you'll either freeze or burn your fingers off. The Earthlog makes the whole process much simpler, and more environmentally friendly as well.

Though its name may suggest otherwise, the Earthlog isn't really wood at all. The "log" is made from "100% recycled post-consumer waste paper and fully refined, scented, scrap candle waxes," according to its website. That means no trees were harmed in the making of this product, and that it smells pretty great too. In addition to providing a green alternative to throwing away waste, the paper used to make the Earthlogs also produces 80 percent less smoke than firewood, according to the website. Less smoke means less pollution, and a less smelly campfire.

What else do you need to know about Earthlogs?

This Company is Already a Big Success

A lot of the entrepreneurs that come to Shark Tank have a good idea and a good product, but they need the Sharks to make their dreams a reality. But Tom Sanetti, the inventor of Earthlog, has already achieved a great deal before even appearing on the show. Earthlog is already sold in several regional and nationwide chains, including 7-Eleven. Getting your product into a store like that opens your business up to millions of consumers all over the country. And the Earthlog has some famous fans, like professional surfers CJ Canuha (a.k.a the Vanilla Gorilla) and Jason Shibata.

It Helps Stop the Spread of Disease

Earthlog sells logs that are infused with candle wax scraps, so it smells better than regular wood. But they also make a variety that incorporate Citronella wax, which wards off mosquitoes. Mosquitos are the main carrier of West Nile Virus, but they hate Citronella oil, so burning Earthlogs stop them from infecting more people. It's like a non-toxic, natural bug spray.

Buy it Online of In Stores

You can go to 7-Eleven, Gelson's Supermarket, Fresh and Easy, or Mother's Market and Kitchen to buy an Earthlog this winter. Or, if you prefer, you can order one online. The company's website sells a three-pack of the regular logs for $24.99, and the Citronella-scented version for $28.99. Amazon's prices are a bit higher: they sell regular logs for $33.95, or the Citronella-scented version for $29.73. But it looks like there are only a few left in stock, so you'd better hurry if you want to be both cozy and environmentally friendly when the temperature drops.

Image: Michael Desmond/ABC