'Pitch Perfect 2's First Movie Poster Gives Us a Better Catchphrase Than 'Aca-Awesome' — PHOTO

Is it just me, or is Pitch Perfect one of the most quotable movies since Mean Girls? Between "aca-awesome," "lesbi-honest," and "Sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm... better not," the film is just a goldmine of hilarious moments that are twice as funny when you say them out of context. Hopefully, the upcoming sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, will be better than Mean Girls 2 (yes, it actually exists), which it actually has a leg up on for the sheer fact that all the original actors are returning for the movie. While we eagerly wait for the official trailer to debut and make all our Barden Bella dreams come true, the girls have blessed us with the Pitch Perfect 2 movie poster, and it's going to give you your new favorite catchphrase.

"We're back, pitches," the tagline reads in a huge font that takes up literally the top half of the poster. The original film was a gloriously pun-heavy celebration — in case you couldn't tell from aca-awesome and lesbi-honest — but the joke inherent in replacing "b****es" with "pitches" wasn't utilized anywhere near enough in that movie. The closest we came was the immortal phrase, "hands in, aca-b****es," which doesn't have nearly the family-friendly appeal of "we're back, pitches." That's something you and your 5-year-old sister can giggle about over the water cooler. If 5-year-olds hang out at water coolers.

However, if you were expecting to catch a glimpse of the older versions of your favorite Barden Bellas, or the new additions picked up between movie one and movie two, you'll be disappointed. The "we're back" portion of "we're back, pitches" was another pun because each Bella is depicted with their backs to the poster. Still, it's the kind of fun and playfully serious poster that welcomes you right back into the world where the most important thing in your life is your college a capella group.

Check out the poster below.

Image: PitchPerfect/Twitter