When 'The Fosters' Holiday Episode Is On We Really Need Brallie To Be Over & These 5 Other Things

Did you forget about ABC Family's The Fosters? Of course you didn't — because you're still reeling from Brandon and Callie's make-out session at the end of the summer finale. And, if you're anything like me, you've been desperately trying to figure out how this could happen again. What about Wyatt, he was the best? I thought Brandon and Callie had finally moved on?? WHY DOES THE FOSTERS KEEP TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE???? But, it's really not fair for Brallie to occupy all of our thoughts about The Fosters holiday episode and Season 2b because there's really so much more to look forward to from the ABC Family drama.

For instance, the series finally developing Jude's LGBT storyline. OR Callie finally getting adopted even though her new half-sister and her biological father would rather she join their family than the Fosters. And, again, what about Wyatt? I mean, he was a great guy and I thought Callie really liked him — there's no way that she's going to choose Brandon over him AND the opportunity to finally join this family. Right? RIGHT?? There are so many questions The Fosters Season 2b needs to answer when it returns, but mostly, Fosters fans really need these five things to happen when the series finally returns.

More Bailee Madison (!!!)

OK, in the Season 2 summer finale, Madison's Sophia — Callie's new half-sister — went totally nuts. She stole Callie's abandonment papers that Robert had finally decided to sign and ripped them up so that she and Callie could have a shot at being a "real family." Unfortunately, that wasn't what Callie wanted and now that Robert refuses to sign again, she's totally screwed. The finale ended with Sophia locking herself in the bathroom in a not-so-great state of mind. Obviously, we need to know how that goes down, but how great is Bailee Madison on The Fosters? I'll answer that for you: SO great.

A Sharper Focus on Jude's LGBT Storyline

The first half of The Fosters Season 2 toyed with the idea of finally addressing Jude's sexuality and ultimately failed to do so. The series threw unfulfilling hints about an LGBT storyline for Jude, but ultimately left us hanging with a comment from Jude that he and Connor "did something bad" on their camping trip together. Essentially, The Fosters needs to do the right thing for Jude and address this storyline head-on with the same prowess that they addressed Lena's miscarriage. Or face my wrath, because I can't watch them brush such an important part of Jude as a character under the rug anymore.

For Lena & Stef To Get Real About Their Relationship

OK, look. Lena and Stef, like most average married couples, have issues. Some of them are small and some of them are pretty big — like how the pair have handled life following Lena's miscarriage. The Fosters sent Lena away on a "find yourself" retreat following the complication with her pregnancy and in the season finale, Stef still didn't seem to understand how her spouse was feeling. (She assumed that she quit her job because she felt powerless after losing her baby.) These two need to sit down and hash these life events out and find their way back to the couple they were before. I've always felt like The Fosters didn't gloss over the struggles of married life, but they're absolutely doing it now with Stef and Lena and it needs to stop.

For Callie To Finally End Brallie Once & For All

PLEASE JUST END IT ALREADY. Seriously, The Fosters needs to end this. In the midseason finale, Callie was understandably upset about not being able to get adopted again. But she kind of went a little overboard with the whole "maybe this is how things are supposed to be" moment and kissing Brandon. Because THIS NEEDS TO END, I repeat — THIS NEEDS TO END. I don't care how it happens as long as it happens.

For Jesus To Make Less Decisions Like This

After I saw that Jesus got the above tattoo, I felt like there was no hope for him. How did he not realize that Hayley is the worst and that he should get rid of her? During the midseason finale, Jesus finally took a stand and went to the fundraiser for Girls United because, obviously, it was the right thing to do. And he also managed to do the right thing where his birthmother, Ana, was involved. Jesus is capable of making smart decisions, so let's have him not get anymore tattoos of girls' names, OK?

Callie Should Forgive Wyatt

Wyatt made a big mistake starting a fight with Liam, but Callie has to forgive him. He wanted to protect her, seeing someone that hurt her made him want to hurt that person, and it's so obvious that he really does care about her. She might not feel like she can trust him right now — probably because Brandon's weaseled his way back into her brain — but Callie has to forgive him.

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