21 Creative Ways Buffalo Is Dealing

by Clarissa-Jan Lim

Winter has always seemed to be the season Mother Nature releases her uninhibited fury, an accumulation of energy from the humid summer days and lazy fall. This year, upstate New York is the first casualty of the season — winter isn't even officially here yet, but hey, nature does what it wants — as Buffalo, NY, is hit with a remarkable snowstorm, that will drop over six feet of snow (six!!! That's a wall of snow higher than I am tall) on the area.

Buffalo's first blizzard of the season has already won the city fourth place in the Biggest Snowstorms to Ever Strike North America contest. At least seven people have died and authorities have declared a state of emergency in some counties. New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has deployed the National Guard to help those stranded in the storm, the New York Times reported. At a press conference on Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo told reporters:

Mother Nature is showing us who is boss once again. I believe when all is said and done, this snowfall may break all sorts of records.

You don't say, governor. But if the storm caught the Buffalo area off-guard, take heart in the fact that the city is no stranger to extreme winter weather. Its residents, though surprised, have discovered pretty creative ways to cope with the blizzard, using the abundance of snow to their advantage.

A Natural Beer Cooler

What's that? Five feet of snow? Let's stick some brews in there for maximum coolage!

Seriously, Buffalonians love their beer.

Snowman Humor

Or manifesting their vacation fantasies in snowman form.

Spending Time Outdoors

No blizzard will stop these Buffalonians from being outside...even without a shirt on.

Or with their Four Lokos.

Or cigars.

Or Staying Indoors And Making Memes

Letting Their Pets Enjoy The Cold

At least they're having fun, right?

And Generally Making The Best Of It

It almost, almost makes me excited about the winter — I already foresee myself deeply regretting that statement — despite currently huddling up in a comforter, burrito-style, in a heated room. Just to drive home how wonderfully our upstate New York neighbors are holding up, here's a picture of what the city of Buffalo looked like from an airplane.

Image: Twitter/Spotrac