What Is 'Party Down South' Season 1 Alum Josh Murray Up To?

Josh Murray's reality TV throne may have been usurped by another Josh Murray, he of raven hair, University of Georgia lineage, and winner of Andi's heart on The Bachelorette; but the Party Down South Murray was one-upped in name alone. PDS Murray remains a personality all his own — a lovable teddy bear with a big heart, and even bigger alcohol tolerance. Murray shot to fame-or-something-like-it with the premiere of the first season of Party Down South: a gathering of eight young southern people in Murrell's Inlet, chosen for their accents, their American flag-themed wardrobes, and tendency toward drunken alter egos. Murray stood out not only because he was Mike-Sorrentino-ing it at age 32, but also because he has a physique less made for MTV Spring Break-ing, and more for staying warm while hunting. CMT keeps it real.

Even though Party Down South just had its series premiere in January of this year, it already has two seasons and a Thanksgiving special under its Carhart belt. So, what has Josh Murray been up to since Party Down South? Well, mostly he's been partying down south...and getting tattoos of partying down south. Of course, there are a few other things to know about Murray: when he's not filming, he's a bouncer to bring in the cash, wears a size 17 shoe, is a heavy metal lover, and has a six-year-old son.

CMT on YouTube

But at the moment, his life mostly revolves around CMT programming. Here's what you can expect out of your favorite Mississippi good ol' boy...

A Prolific Instagrammer

By far the best thing about Murray when he's not on camera is his own personal use of the Instagram camera. He's always on the pulse of culture...

Sharing fashion moments...

And showing off his beach body transformations.

PDS Holiday Specials

On Wednesday night, the Party Down South cast came back together to give their thanks for alcohol in a "Drunksgiving," special. It was terrifying.

But there's still one more chance before the new year to catch Murray trying to avoid getting mashed potatoes in his American flag bandana: Party Down South: Christmas Hangover! The special airs December 18 and will feature Murray getting his annual Christmas tattoo. My money is on a conspicuously placed mistletoe, or some Christmas play on the word "balls."

And yet another season

And finally, you can count on Season 3 of Party Down South coming your way Feburary 19. Expect Murray to be more tattooed than ever, take a few more tumbles down the stairs, and really express himself as the cast heads to his homestate of Mississippi for their third dirty south adventure.

CMT on YouTube

Images: Andy Batt/CMT; Josh Murray/Instagram (3)