Before Scott Met Kourtney, He Was Known As "STD"

I watch an inordinate amount of reality TV, and of all the occasionally ridiculous people who make their living entertaining us with their day-to-day lives, Scott Disick of Keeping Up With the Kardashians just might be my favorite. I don't know if it's his obsession with becoming a lord, his sassy commentary on just about everything, or what a good father he's turned out to be, but I love this man. It's crazy to think that before Kourtney Kardashian virtually plucked him out of obscurity when she fell in love with him in 2006, he went from your average early 20-something guy to directly in the Hollywood spotlight practically overnight.

In fact, even digging up information on Scott's pre-Kardashians life was a bit of a challenge, since he used to be just a regular person. But what I have found? Some of it's surprising, some of it is hilarious, and some of it makes me love him even more. Because back before Scott's every move was broadcast on E! for the world to see, he was still a pretty interesting dude — and to tell the truth, he probably could have pulled off a pretty entertaining reality show on his own.

He comes from a wealthy family

Being inducted into the Kardashian family wasn't Scott's first brush with wealth. Growing up, only child Scott's life was pretty comfortable in Eastport, Long Island. His parents, Bonnie and Jeffrey, inherited their money from Jeffrey's father, David Disick, who developed luxury properties. Grandpa David also made his fortune from writing a book about marketing vacation homes and maintained a successful career as a businessman and attorney, so he was able to pass his wealth along to his children. Scott's definitely old money.

He attended the Ross School — and his classmates weren't his biggest fans

From K-12, Scott went to a private school called the Ross School... and his former schoolmates attest that he wasn't the most popular guy. Apparently, he was known around school as "STD" and "Number One Scum" because of his reputation with the ladies. Scott's never been a guy who'd allow himself to be mocked, so it's not exactly surprising that he reportedly had the nickname "STD" engraved on a dog tag and wore it with pride. Oh, Scott.

He spent his youth as a YA cover model

If you haven't seen these photos, your day is about to be seriously made. Scott's earliest foray into the entertainment industry was portraying the main character's love interest on the covers of the Heartland series, and if you weren't into those books, they're basically horse-related romance novels for pre-teens. On the covers, Scott often looks wistful or full of angst, and it is perfect.

He loved hockey & snowboarding

Scott is definitely not a guy I'd describe as "into sports," but as a kid — you know, before he realized how much more interesting Rolls Royces and diamond encrusted Rolex watches are — he definitely was.

"I loved playing hockey and watching hockey when I was growing up," Scott told Faces magazine. "From age 12 to age 16 I was really into snowboarding."

He was arrested when he was 18

It's no secret that Scott struggles with a drinking problem, but when he was 18, that issue was much more severe. In 2001, Scott crashed his car in Riverhead, New York and was taken away in handcuffs after he failed a sobriety test. Unfortunately, it seems that this is still something Scott is dealing with today, and my fingers are crossed that he's able to find a solution that works for him and his family.

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