Scott Considers Rehab On 'Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons' After A Really Scary Weekend

I love reality TV. I truly do. (I’m not sure I’ve ever done or said anything to suggest otherwise, but hey, just making my position known.) But when reality TV gets “too real,” my entire body tenses up. My breath quickens. My palms sweat. I am most at ease when a show is “reality TV real.” I'm never ready for “too real reality TV.” Sunday night’s episode of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons veered into “too real” territory when Scott got hammered beyond reason with his buddies and wound up in the hospital. This incident cropped up in the tabloids months ago, so it wasn't exactly news, but that doesn't make watching the incident unfold any less brutal. Y'all, Sunday night's episode of K&KTtH was stinkin' sad. Anyone who says otherwise can talk to my sweaty palm.

While Khloe, Kourtney, Mason, and Penelope were back in Los Angeles celebrating North's first birthday/dealing with the drama about the location of North's birthday party, Scott rounded up some friends and got his party on in the Hamptons house. Scott's pals seemed to be chilling out somewhere in the “casually buzzed” region of drunk.

Lord Disick, on the other hand, got inebriated. Plastered. Schnockered. By 11 a.m. (that's a rough estimate), Scott was stumbling around the vacation house, was slurring his speech, and could not stand up straight. The friends and a very patient security guard forced Scott to take a nap. When Scott woke up from his siesta, he was still very drunk. And then, he and his friends went to 1OAK and partied some more.

After 1OAk, LD and co. returned to the Hamptons house. We viewers didn't see this happen, but at some point that night, Scott kicked down a door, found his sleeping pills that a friend had hidden away, and downed the entire bottle. He called Kourtney several times, dialed 911, and went to the emergency room. The ER doctor said that the combo of substances was "not good" but everything would be fine as soon as the pills 'n' booze left Scott's system.

The next morning, Scott and Kourtney discussed what he'll do next. He said he knows he needs a change of scenery (read: GTFO of the Hamptons), but said he isn't sure if that means going to rehab or just staying with a friend.

Here's hoping whatever Scott chooses to do works for him and his family in the long run. And here's hoping the rest of this season only goes up from here, tone-wise. And not because I want to laugh a bunch while I watch. This is not about me. (I mean, I wouldn't be mad if the show made me laugh, but that's not my number one concern right now.) I just want things to take a turn for the happy in the Karhamptons for the family's sake. I kare about them a lot.

Image: Timothy White/E!