Jim & Maggie Shouldn't Get Together On 'The Newsroom,' For The Love of Sorkin

When one thinks "Created By Aaron Sorkin," one does not think "Romantic Comedy." However, there sure is a lot of romance buzzing around The Newsroom . Don and Sloan are dating and their relationship gets more hilarious and touching each week. Will and Mac are engaged. Let's hope she doesn't change her name to MacKenzie McHale-McAvoy. Then there's Jim and Maggie. Those two have had doe eyes for each other from the start. Their attempts at a relationship have been rocky. Then, in the third season premiere, Jim was all "I am agog, I am aghast" while Maggie was all "I can talk on camera with an normal amount of competence." Am I expected to swoon? If you can tell from my tone, I believe that Jim and Maggie should absolutely not get together on The Newsroom.

It's not that I don't get it. These two are supposed to be the Muppet Babies version of The West Wing's Josh and Donna. However, I think he's forgotten a few of the things that made that 'ship great. On the healthy side, mutual respect and understanding. On the unhealthy side, codependency. I could write you sonnets about how much better the Deputy Chief of Staff and Deputy Deputy Chief of Staff's relationship was than their younger counterparts, and you know what? A lot of that has to do with the later, Sorkin-less seasons of the show. Here are some more reasons why Jim and Maggie should not be endgame, please.

Healthy Infatuation

This whole thing was initially built around Maggie hero-worshipping Jim, and Jim seeing the potential in helpless Maggie. I'm over that. I don't want to see it any more on my television set. We're all allowed to be a mess from time to time, but I don't like it when immaturity is idolized and incompetence is looked upon as adorable with female characters. I'm sorry, they can age her up as much as they want in the next four episodes, but I'm never going to forget how patronizing Jim was in the first two seasons.

Relationship Status

Neither party is what I would call single. Jim is still with Hallie, and Maggie gave her number to Liam McPoyle. Yes, the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia actor was the Ethics teacher on the train with Maggie. While that whole plot line with Maggie playing spy only to immediately take it back was confusing, even to the characters in the scene, the Ethics guy was cute and they had a nice, natural chemistry. I support this.

I like Jim and Hallie together too, if only because Hallie does not suffer fools gladly. However, now that Hallie has made a classic blunder and tweeted something offensive about the Boston Marathon (exactly the sort of rude remark I was waiting for during the entire first episode), I'm sure righteous Jim is going to emerge and their relationship will start to crumble.

Jim and Maggie pursued each other before while they were both in relationships. History is about to repeat itself and I am not a fan. The first season of this show was the messiest love quadrilateral I have ever seen. Maggie and Don were in the world's worst relationship. Maggie set Jim up with her roommate to prove they didn't have feelings for each other — which is the worst idea in the world. I will never, ever be over the fiasco that was the Sex and the City tour bus. Let's not go down that road again, kids. I'm enjoying these episodes just fine without their angst, and now that I see it creeping back in, the dread is returning.

Silver Lining

Here's one thing I don't hate about the trajectory of their relationship — if it's gonna happen (happen sometime) at least it's not when Maggie was an emotional wreck after her trip to Uganda. Did you know that trauma causes you to chop off your locks? It's the law. So, at least Jim doesn't have to save her. That is a relief.

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