Serial Best Buy Phone Booth Theories, Questions & Feelings Inspired By The Episode 9 Revelation

Before Thursday’s episode of Serial could get to its regularly scheduled programming, Sarah Koenig had some housekeeping to attend to: 1) ask for listener donations, and 2) present the audience with relevant details that’d recently been brought to her attention. One of those details: Laura—the woman from episode 8 who dropped an F-bomb as she attempted to wrap her head around the murder case—reached out to Koenig and said she’s certain there was never a phone booth in the Best Buy parking lot. [Cue podcast equivalent of a record scratch sound effect.] (I think it might just be the sound of my finger tapping the PAUSE button on my iPhone screen?)

The phone booth in question is the Best Buy parking lot phone booth that Jay alleges Adnan called from post-murder on Jan. 13, 1999. According to Jay's story, when Jay picked Adnan up at the Best Buy parking lot, Adnan was standing in front of that phone booth. Koenig has had trouble obtaining any deets about that phone booth.

...And that might be because the phone booth may have never existed.

I'm sorry... what?! I... I don't even... [throws arms up in the air].

I wasn't the only person to be like, "WHOAAAAAAA" when Laura dropped payphone revelation:

It inspired some poetry:

And a very interesting theory:

Or perhaps Best Buy and the pay phone only exist in the Matrix?

Tweeter @IpheliaPaine backs up Laura's statement:

Minka Kelly calls out the pay phone, the pod taking a break for Thanksgiving, and Mandy Moore:


Aaaaaaand scene: