17 Ways 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York' Was the Best Movie in the Franchise

Hiya pals! Now, don't let the title of this post fool you. I'm a very big fan of the original Home Alone movie. In fact, I make a point to watch it at least once around the holiday season. That being said, I will admit that I find the sequel to be even more enjoyable. That's right, I said it. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is better than the original Home Alone film. And while I can practically feel your Uncle Frank death stares from here, let me explain. Because aside from the subpar parenting on Mr. and Mrs. McCallister's part, the franchise in general is pretty top notch.

Normally I find sequels to be far less superior than their predecessors. However, Home Alone 2 managed to far exceed my expectations even as a young child and make me wish I too could get lost in this magical city. Which I have, now that I live here. Multiple times, in fact… though I was very disappointed when the crazy pigeon ladies did not want to be my friend. (Rude.) But my point is, Kevin's New York City experience proved to be a successful twist to the same underlying theme that the first flick embodied, making it stronger than it ever was before. But don't just take my word for it. Here are all the ways Home Alone 2 proved it was the best of the franchise.

When Kevin Ate Pizza While Riding in a Limo

For those of us who are still taking the subway to work, Kevin would like to inform you that you're doing it wrong. This is clearly the only way to travel in NYC.

When We All Learned a Valuable Lesson in the Ways of Tipping

Like for instance, gum will not buy you loyalty.

Every Moment Tim Curry Was on Your Screen

That expression alone is worth a Golden Globe.

But Especially When He Professed His Love to a Television Screen

LOL. This scene really was the best.

When Marv Revealed Their New Nickname

Catchy and not at all creepy.

When Kevin Proved He's a Better Architect Than All of Us

I especially like this is official business plan is called "Operation Ho Ho Ho."

And When He Made This Astute Remark

Truer words have never been spoken.

When Harry & Marv When Window Shopping

Sticky Bandits? More like Stealthy Bandits.

When Marv Wished He Was Standing Anywhere Else

Look at that aim! Is Kevin on any sort of sports team because he really should be.

How This Crazy Thing Happened and No One Got Severely Hurt

Dropping from an insane height alongside a rope of fire? Yup, that's nothing that an ice pack and bandaid couldn't fix.

When Marv Was in For a Shock Treatment

Is it just me or did Kevin really up his prank game in this film? Those 10-year-olds and their imaginations.

When the Hotel Staff Thought This Was an Actual Person

Then again, he is the king of the coollll jazzzzzz!!!

When Kevin Got Real With the Pigeon Lady

Also, you wouldn't be alive.

When Toilet Water Proved Ineffective

Probably due to the fact that it had been replaced with kerosene. The more you know!

When They Introduced the Talkboy

Which pretty much became the greatest toy of all time.

When Donald Trump Made the Ultimate Cameo Appearance

What I want to know is what the heck was he doing at the Plaza Hotel?

And Finally, When Kevin Took In the NYC Skyline Like a Boss

It's almost like he's saying: Bring. It. On. #respect

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