Jennifer Lawrence is Like Jesus Plus 8 Other Absurd Compliments About the 'Mockingjay' Actress

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Whenever celebrities (or anyone, for that matter) compare themselves to Jesus (I’m looking at you, Kanye), it tends to come off as totally obnoxious. However, it’s a perfectly acceptable to be deemed as the second coming by someone else, particularly when the person on the receiving end of the compliment is Jennifer Lawrence. The actress’ Mockingjay co-star Donald Sutherland compared Lawrence to Jesus Christ, saying, "She’s the right person at the right time in the sense of Joan of Arc or Jesus Christ, any genius, in that sense."

Contiuning with the J. Law lovefest, Sutherland isn't the only celebrity to sing the actress' praises. Here are 8 other celebrities who gave Lawrence the most wonderfully unique compliments:

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