'Pitch Perfect 2' Bardon Bellas Have Changed a Lot in the Past Few Years — Take a Look

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Brace yourselves, at long last the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is finally out and about. Has it really been 2 (3, by the time the film gets out) years since we were introduced to the Barden Bellas? Over the course of the first film we got to know the quirks and strengths of this rag-tag team of misfits. In that year lessons were learned, enemies became friends, and the nationals were totally dominated by the remixed and revamped aca-bitches. That was in the course of one year and one film. Can you imagine how much has changed for our girls since then?

Luckily the trailer gives us the very first inklings of what to expect. Click through to compare how the Barden Bellas have grown since then.

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