Jason Reitman Will Direct 'I Would Only Rob Banks for My Family' Written By This Famed Screenwriter

Let's name a bunch of generally well-regarded things: Juno, About A Boy, An Education, Up In the Air. All of those things are things that were either directed by Jason Reitman or written by Nick Hornby. Now the pair shall meet: Reitman and Hornby will work together on I Would Only Rob Banks for My Family.

What on Earth is I Would Only Rob Banks for My Family, you ask? According to Variety it's a "true life tale" (AKA one of those ~*it happened in real life kinda*~ Hollywood deals). It's based on an article of the same name written by Skip Hollandsworth and published in Texas Monthly this past June. It follows the Catt family, who robbed multiple banks in Portland and Austin. “Every night I stare at the ceiling and I ask myself, ‘What were we thinking?’ ” the father of the family, Scott Catt, says in the original article.

“All I can tell you is that I thought it would help us as a family,” he said.

“Robbing banks would help you as a family?” I asked.

Scott took a breath and slowly blew it out. “I did it for the family,” he said. “I swear to you, I would only rob banks for my family.”

Hornby's most recent project was the adaptation of Wild for the big (and Reese Witherspoon-y) screen, so if that movie hits it big on the awards circuit we could be looking at a very Academy-Award-nominated duo.