'TVD's Jo Has Two More Siblings

And you thought the Mikaelsons were bad. The Vampire Diaries has finally revealed the reason behind the witch-twins, Luke and Liv, that were responsible for ruining everyone's lives in the Season 5 finale. (Including my own — I feel personally victimized by these two.) Last Thursday, TVD revealed that Jo is Kai's sister and that she was one of the family members he tried to kill when he went nuts a massacred his coven. During this week's episode, "Fade Into You," TVD revealed that Liv and Luke are related to Jo and Kai. So, basically, we're all surrounded by the Gemini Coven and they're the worst.

It takes a lot for me to say that an entire family on TVD is the worst — especially since we've been exposed to Esther Mikaelson for the past few seasons. But, the Geminis might actually be even more terrible than two parents that have devoted their lives to killing their children because, in the Gemini Coven, children are forced to kill each other. But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.

On Thursday night's TVD, Caroline hosted a "friendsgiving" (because they're all the rage right now) and invited the usual suspects — minus Stefan, who was still in the dog house. At said gathering, which didn't go well, of course, Liv and Luke started watching some old baby videos (not entirely sure why, this was pretty random) and they realized something — Jo's voice could be heard in the video. Which prompted Jo to essentially be all like, "SURPRISE," and tell everyone that she's their sister. Then Jo recounted the story about how she saved the twins from Kai's murderous wrath and Liv went storming away because life is so unfair.

Now, why are the Geminis the worst? Well, for starters, they have some weird as hell rules about who can be in charge. First, only a twin can rule the coven — so, essentially, they keep having children until they have twins — and then, on the twins' 22nd birthday, they're required to "merge." Which, as Liv described it, means that one twin absorbs the weaker twin's powers until they die, the remaining twin then becomes the leader. That's some craziness, right? And now we officially know why Kai massacred his family — because he wanted to rule and his parents wouldn't let him because of his "affliction." (Remember, Kai doesn't have any powers of his own, he can only absorb it from other witches.)

So, Kai wanted to rule and he probably would've because it would've been easy for him to just steal Jo's powers, but his family wouldn't let him and so Liv and Luke were born. Thus causing Kai to go nuts and leaving me wondering if TVD and Julie Plec go out of their way to create one family more screwed up than the next. Because the Geminis might've just taken the cake.

Image: Bob Mahoney/The CW