What's Wrong With Jackson's & April's Baby on 'Grey's Anatomy'? They Don't Deserve for Their Baby to Die

Just as I feared; Jackson and April's baby news on Grey's Anatomy is not good. After getting second opinion after second opinion, Stephanie Edwards and Arizona Robbins took the troubling ultrasound results to the head of fetal surgery, Geena Davis' Dr. Herman. Though nothing was confirmed, Herman suspects it's bad news and there's nothing she can do about it.

It turns out April and Jackson's baby boy (they found out the gender finally!) could have a disease which would give him fragile bones. For an infant to have the condition would mean his bones could break suddenly and for no reason. Dr. Herman informed Arizona and Stephanie that babies with the type two version of the disease "don't live longer than a couple of days or weeks." Color me depressed. After everything that April and Jackson went through: multiple breakups, a bus explosion, and a runaway bride situation they deserved to have their baby be OK.

When I first saw the concern on the doctor's faces I was optimistic that at least Dr. Herman could help. After all, she's doing innovative surgeries that can correct a baby's problem before its even born. But Herman's plan of action for April and Jackson's baby isn't surgical. She just told Arizona and Stephanie to be there for April, because things are about to get really hard for the mom-to-be.

I'm still hoping that some sort of late-stage plan can save their son. I really wanted to see April become a mom and it seems so unfair to rob her of that. Add to that the fact that this was the winter finale, and now we have to wait forever to see how things work out for this baby cliffhanger.

Come on Shonda Rhimes, you can't break up Meredith and Derek and have April's baby diagnosed with an incurable condition in the same episode. That's just cruel. Fingers crossed this works out OK for the expecting parents, but things aren't looking good.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC