Will Hook Die in 'Once Upon a Time' Season 4? 7 Reasons Why Our Favorite Pirate Has To Survive

If someone has a plan for how to live without Captain Hook, can they let me know? Because I haven't stopped having nightmares about Rumplestiltskin ripping out Hook's heart on Once Upon a Time and wondering how much time we might have left with our favorite eyeliner-wearing pirate. Last Sunday, Rumple revealed that he plans to kill Hook on OUAT to complete the spell that will release him from the dagger, but not until Hook can collect enough power in the Sorcerer's Hat. Sure, that means we have plenty of time of watching Killian grapple with being Rumple's evil servant and still trying to be a good man, but will Hook die this season?

Aside from being completely ruthless, the possibility that Hook might die is just unacceptable. Because, frankly, Once Upon a Time needs Hook as much as it needs Emma or its villains. And I need Hook because, without him, TV will be seriously devoid of men wearing eyeliner and leather (and we really need more of them, right?). But, most importantly, Hook's death would totally destroy Emma and mean that OUAT has officially let evil beat good. And that just goes completely against what this series is about — especially with Regina's new goal of erasing her evil past in exchange for a happy ending.

With that being said, here are seven excellent reasons why Hook can't die on Once Upon a Time.

OUAT Already Killed Neal

Emma needs and deserves a love interest. And, if OUAT killed Hook, it'd send a message to Emma that everyone she loves — or tries to love — is going to die. Emma has enough trouble handling her abandonment issues from being put into a magic tree and sent to the real world as a baby, having two of her love interests die, two seasons in a row, will destroy her.

He's A Survivor

Hook's made it this far with only one hand — sure, it's not the same thing to live without a heart, but I have a strong feeling that he could manage.

Evil Never Wins

Is that not the entire premise of this series? Villains come and go during the first and second halves of the season, but the good guys stay forever. There's no way Rumple's plan will succeed. No. Way.

He's The Only Eligible Bachelor

I know OUAT isn't really about the romance, but there needs to be someone around for Emma. If Snow and David, Regina and Robin, and Rumple and Belle get to have their happy endings, Emma should too. And killing Hook would eliminate that for her because he's kind of the only guy that she can date in Storybrooke.

That Eyeliner & The Leather

Do I even need to explain this one?

Henry Looks Up To Him

Sure, Henry also has David to look up to, but that's about all he's got if Hook is gone. I mean, it's not like he could or should look up to his grandpa, Rumple. That guy is 100 percent not a role model. And, sure, Hook has a dark past, but he seems to have put that behind him for Emma and he's doing his best to be a good guy who's worthy of Emma and, by extension, Henry. It'd just be cruel for OUAT to rob Henry of the opportunity to have a role model of sorts.

He's Perfect For Emma

I mean, c'mon.

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