Where is Morgan on 'The Walking Dead'? We'll See Him Soon Enough

We got a glimpse of Morgan Jones in the beginning of Season 5 of The Walking Dead, but have since been awaiting his big return. The good news is that we won’t have to wait much longer, if IMDB can be believed. Morgan Jones will be back on The Walking Dead in the last episode of the year (and by year, I mean 2014 so that’s in one week). The episode titled "Coda" will mark the end of the Grady hospital madness (hopefully) and set the beginning of the groups journey toward D.C., aka Alexandria Safe Zone, to meet up with the rest of the clan. Presumably, Morgan will join them --- at least that's what happens in the comics.

We've speculated in the past that maybe Morgan is the one with Daryl, but of course now we know that it's actually Noah who returns to the church to get Rick's help in the rescue of Beth and Carol. That leaves pretty much two options here: They come across Morgan somewhere around the hospital or Morgan will stumble his way to the church. Either way, at least we know he’s coming back and I hope that he sticks around and they follow the comic book storyline. Robert Kirkman was pretty vague when he talked to Entertainment Weekly about Morgan, but he did give us hope saying, "We've got a lot of big plans for the character of Morgan, so stay tuned."

The last time we saw Morgan, he was pretty much losing his mind over his son Duane, who was killed by zombies (obviously) and it’s safe to assume that he may be a little bit off his rocker still. After all, he did stab Rick in the Season 3 kerfuffle. In the same interview with EW, Kirkman said Morgan's "possibly in better shape, but he’s on the road, he’s alone. You never know, we’ve got to see him interact with people. He could still be a loon. But yeah, he’s on their trail."

Here's what goes down in the comics so you can prepare yourself, however stop reading if you don’t want some spoilers:

Morgan meets up with the group while they are rummaging for supplies before they head off toward D.C. Of course in the comics everyone is together so that’s a little off, but he's definitely with them and is in Alexandria Safe Zone for awhile, but he doesn't make it past that. In the comics, he gets bit and attempts to live by chopping his arm off (yikes), but fails. I will keep a little bit of mystery and tell you that Morgan gets a love interest while at the Safe Zone. Keep that in the back of your mind for the future.

Of course, Gimple and Kirkman absolutely love to throw in surprises and if Morgan ends up being a fan favorite, then maybe he will outlive his comic character. However, it's also very possible that we aren't major Morgan fans though. He kind of looks like he could be the next Lori.

All you really need to keep in mind at this moment in time is that Morgan will be here before the end of the year, making his debut in the mid-season finale. I hope you're ready for it.

Images: Gene Page/AMC (2); Greg Nicotero/AMC