This Is A Video Of A Ferret Leaping For His Dreams And We Have Very Specific Instructions For How To Watch It—VIDEO

I need you to trust me for a minute. Because I'm about to tell you that before you hit play on this video of a ferret attempting to jump from one counter top to another, you should open another tab to a video of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly." Just...go with me here. I want you to bask in it, without even a hint of irony. I want you to really, truly think, even just for a second, that miracles are possible, that The B---- In Apartment 23 wasn't canceled, and that there are machines that dispense almond croissants for free everywhere you go. I want you to listen to that song and truly believe, and while the song is still blasting out of your speakers, I want you to watch this ferret reach for the stars (or counter, whatever).

This video is important because this ferret is all of us. His struggle is symbolic of all of our struggles. You can just tell by the way that he is gearing himself up to leap that it's been a hard week for him, that even though he isn't expressly working 9-to-5, he still shares our weariness for the world that we feel in those last hours just before the glorious weekend begins. He is reaching for a better world, a better life beyond that table, the same way that we are waiting for five o'clock so intensely that we are possibly going to burn a hole through the clock with our eyes.

We all need to learn from this ferret. He saw an impossible task and he did not shrink away. He believed he could fly. He believed he could touch the sky. (If you aren't making weird dance-y hands while singing this to yourself, you're lying). I mean, in the end, he colossally fails and everybody laughs at him, so I'm hoping that your personal reach for the weekend is a little less life-scarring than his. But he is fighting the good fight regardless. Watch the ferret who tried to defy gravity here:

Marek Riha on YouTube

Image: YouTube