The 24 Emotional Stages Of Watching 'Mockingjay'

Can we all be really honest with ourselves for a minute? I know there are some great Oscar bait-y movies out right now like The Imitation Game, Foxcatcher and whatnot. And I know there are some fun comedies on their way like The Interview. But can we all agree that one of the most anticipated movies of 2014, if not the most for some people, is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 ? Whether you've read the books or not, the experience of watching The Hunger Games movies is a memorable one for sure, especially with the roller coaster ride of emotions that is Mockingjay Part 1.

Katniss and the gang are in the midst of a rebellion against the Capitol and mainly President Snow, and you're in on the action. So grab some popcorn, a few friends you don't mind revealing your deepest and darkest emotions in front of, a few thousand boxes of tissues, and head to the theater feeling ready for this film.

Why will you be so prepared for the physical and emotional destruction? Because with this post, you'll find out exactly how you'll feel while watching Mockingjay Part 1. Seriously get ready for some trauma, it's going to be one hell of a ride. And non book readers: This is your official spoiler alert. Tread lightly!

1. You're Pumped And Ready To Go

This movie is gonna be awesome.

2. Finding Seats Can Be A Bit Of A Hassle

Why am I tripping over so many teens right now? Should these films (or books for that matter) really be marketed towards kids?

3. Shailene Woodley And The Insurgent Trailer Increase Your Excitement

This Divergent trailer is awesome. Hunger Games and J Law better bring it.

4. You're Less Than Impressed With The Other Trailers

Yawn. Oh look it's Serena From Gossip Girl.

5. Katniss' Panic Attack In The First Scene Brings About A Horrible Realization

Oh no, I forgot how messed up this book really is. Ohhhh, what did I get myself into?

6. Finnick Makes You Feel Terrible Almost Instantly

Great, he wishes they were all dead. This is going to be so pleasant. Damn you and your beautiful, emotionally abused face!

7. You're Scarred After You See The Destruction Of District 12

Seriously, how is this movie PG-13 right now?!

8. Prim's Cat's Appearance Lightens Your Mood A Bit

This thing is hilarious and it must be protected.

9. But Executions In The Districts Shake Your Belief In Humanity

Light moment gone. Wow. We are all terrible people.

10. Your Heart Breaks When Katniss Sees Peeta On An Interview For The First Time

Someone help him! Save Peeta, Katniss!

11. And You Get Irrationally Angry At District 13 When They Call Peeta A Traitor

You can all shut your damn mouths!

12. Then The Depression Hits Harder When Katniss Dreams Of Peeta Holding Her

Oh this was that sweet scene from Catching Fire! This movie is darkening my soul.

13. Things Start Looking Up When Katniss Starts Taking a Charge

You go Katniss! You tell President Coin what to do! Protect Prim's stupid cat.

14. You Feel Overly Protective Of The Cat

This cat is all I have left. They better not kill it.

15. The Return Of Effie Fixes Everything

She's not in the book but thank you baby Jesus for being in this movie.

16. Suddenly You Find The Movie Hilarious

Katniss doing fake rebel promos is basically perfect. And Haymitch is back! Thank GOODNESS things are looking up. And look! It's Marjorie Tyrell! I could get used to this feeling.

17. Even Bleak Moments From The Districts Become Intense And Motivational Instead Of Intense And Horrible

I know this hospital on District 7 has blown up and that's really upsetting, but Katniss is kicking ass right now! Suck it, President Snow!

18. A Kiss Between Gale and Katniss Confuses And Frustrates You

Team Gale: Should I happy or sad about this? Team Peeta: Should I be happy or sad about this?

19. But Then Peeta's Tortured Body Starts The Depression Spiral Again

Stop hurting the poor boy! Someone save him, he's trying to help you! I'm going to go cry into my popcorn now.

20. Your Blood Boils When You See What The Capitol Left Behind After Their District 13 Air Raids

That's it, I'm going to jump into the movie screen and kill President Snow myself.

21. When The Rebels' Attempt To Save Peeta And The Other Victors From The Capitol Hits A Setback You Will Have A Panic Attack

I know I've read the books, but we don't get this much description about the rescue attempt! I'm freaking out! Don't Die Peeta or Gale!

22. When You See Annie And Finnicks Reunion And That Joanna Is Safe, Your Heart Will Feel So Full

Love is real! Everything makes sense again!

23. But Then Peeta And Katniss' Reunion Ruins... EVERYTHING

Nope, I'm not crying. There's just a faucet attached to my face.

24. And The Ending Will Make You Believe That Happiness Doesn't Exist

That's it. I need to ingest a vat of brownies and a bottle of wine because the world is horrible place filled with horrible people.

And yet, after all the torture on your heart and soul, you won't be able to stand the painful wait for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. See you at the movies! I'm going back for seconds.

Images: Lionsgate; reactiongifs.com (24)