This Guy Does Insane Dance To "Am I Wrong", And Our Answer Is No, He Is Not Wrong About Anything—VIDEO

Every now and then, I watch a video of someone dancing and deeply suspect that there are aliens among us. There are just some things I would never think the human body was capable of, especially seeing as how I struggle to move my arm the distance from the mattress to the alarm's snooze button without knocking six things over. So I'm guessing that in order to cancel out the existence of people like me, the universe sometimes creates rare, talented people like this guy who amazingly pops and locks to "Am I Wrong" by Nico and Vinz.

We know from at least one person's experience that "Am I Wrong" isn't the best song option for sexy times, but it's clear that the dancer in this video, Chandler Meeks-Owen, is determined to bring the sexy back. He describes his dancing as "quick freestyle," which implies that this whole routine wasn't planned, although I have no idea how a person can just spontaneously produce that kind of insanity. Every "quick freestyle" experience I've ever had ends pretty quickly, and usually with me laid out on the floor. Meeks-Owen, on the other hand, genuinely looks like he has liquid bones.

Let's throw him a shout-out because he's earned it: Meeks-Owen is also currently in a contest with The World Dances where you can vote for his routine. He doubly needs our help because after seeing him dance, I'm not sure if he has any bones in his finger to hit the vote button himself:

Chandler on YouTube

Image: YouTube