"No Shave November" Is Apparently Not For Women

By George, I think we've found it. After all these years, we now have the faces of the two most irritating people on the internet: these two guys who don't want women to give up shaving for "No Shave November." Now, as if it is not infuriatingly sexist enough for a pair of ignorant dude-bros to tell me I need to shave my legs, it is made significantly more unbearable by the fact that their entire video is done in chipmunk voices. They call themselves the SwoleMunks (??) and by the end of the video (if you make it that far without your eyes rolling so far back into your head that they detach from their sockets) you will be wondering just how much alcohol you need to consume to forget what you just heard.

One of their "justifications" is that it's No Shave Bro-vember, and by virtue of the fact that we're not "bros," women don't get to participate. Now, while some men have used No Shave November as a way for both men and women to raise awareness for testicular cancer the same way we all did with breast cancer awareness in October, it's clear that these guys are just using it as a platform to be tools.

In case you want to bring your blood to a steady boil this morning, here are some choice quotes:

Women, let's get this straight, you're women—don't give into an excuse not to shave your legs!

Thank you for explaining to me that as a woman I am a woman! And I didn't need an "excuse" to do whatever I want with my body, kay thanks, bye.

We don't like sasquatch women.

Yeah, well, women don't like assholes! What a coincidence!

You think it's some free-for-all, let's not shave because the men don't shave?

NOPE, I was just not gonna shave anyway. Believe you me, no woman on the earth would do something to emulate men like you.

Honestly, the video gets even worse than that. It makes me want to never shave again just to spite people like this. But in the end my lack of shaving will, as always, be an entirely personal choice that I don't base off the counsel of a man who is spouting sexist nonsense about something that is none of his damn business in the first place.

Enjoy No Shave November, SwoleMunks, because you're going to be enjoying it alone.

Image: YouTube