What Does Miss Golden Globe Do? The Honor Involves a Lot of Walking Back & Forth

In the weird world of awards show, there exist many long-standing traditions that us youths may not understand. For example, the office of "Miss Golden Globe," which was awarded on Thursday to Greer Grammar, the daughter of actor Kelsey Grammar and Barrie Buckner. Grammar is currently starring on MTV's Awkward, but what exactly her duties will be as "Miss Golden Globe" are quite vague. Without knowing exactly what the role entails, it sounds suspiciously old-fashioned. So let's investigate: what does Miss Golden Globe do?

In a ceremony on Thursday night, Grammer's honor was announced, and she was hyped on it. HFPA president Theo Kingma said of Greer, "She’s following in her father’s footsteps in becoming a standout actress and we can’t wait to see what she does next." So what did her parents think? "They were so happy for me. My mom, the first thing she said was, 'What? That's amazing!' She knows how much I've wanted this for a couple of years now. And my dad is super proud... he was so over the moon and so happy about it," she told Us Weekly. So why is the role so coveted? What's the deal? Per Bustle's Marenah Dobin, apparently Miss Golden Globe "is responsible for handing out the statues to the winners on the big night... The honor is a great opportunity for aspiring starlets to get in the spotlight and literally rub shoulders with Hollywood’s elite."

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Alright, alright. So it's a great networking opportunity. I can get behind that, I think... But would good, old-fashioned nepotism be behind the women chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press? Yep. Greer, 22, follows in the footsteps of many other famous babies, including Sosie Bacon, daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher and Sam Fox, son of Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan. Which is all fine and good. I like looking at kids of famous celebs. But even though the Hollywood Foreign Press Association says the honor is Miss OR Mr., the majority of the people on the list are women.

So, is there a philanthropical aspect to this? It is like Miss USA, who uses her celebrity for charity for the year that she holds office? Doesn't seem like it, to be honest. It seems like just a job for a pretty girl from a famous family to hand out awards. And hey, if these ladies find being chose for Miss Golden Globe an honor, more power to them! It will probably afford them opportunities to break into their next level of stardom (but, as I said, that should be pretty easy anyway when you're Kelsey Grammer's daughter).

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The whole thing calls to mind Sofia Vergara spinning on a pedestal at the 2014 Primetime Emmys while the Academy Director made comments about her assets. Super gross all around to make such a vile metaphor of women as literal trophies, as objects. And the role of Miss Golden Globe seems kind of like the same thing, if not for anything but title alone. But hey! I don't want to rain on Grammer's parade, and if this helps out her career, well, then, you go girl. It just seems like the HFPA could use the title for something other than silently distributing awards.

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