Realistic Doll Lammily Gets Photoshopped Into a Barbie, Showing Just How Different the Two Are

If you're anything like me, you're probably deeply fascinated by photoshop videos — there's just something about them. But as engrossing as it is to watch real people get morphed into the stylized images we see in the media, it turns out it's just as fascinating to watch the life-like doll Lammily get photoshopped into a Barbie. For one thing, I have never been so aware of the fact that Barbie has a ridiculous amount of makeup permanently plastered to her face. When you think about that, it's kind of weird.

While I respect that lots of people like Barbies and appreciate the message they send, I myself am not a fan, which is why I am totally on board with this new Barbie-like doll made with realistic proportions. Because isn't it about time we gave young girls a more realistic idea of what an "ideal woman" is? One that maybe promotes the way women actually look as the way we should look?

And watching this video just makes me think that even more strongly. Because when you think about it, Barbie dolls basically are like a 3D photoshop. You take what normal women look like and distort it into a more "appealing" shape with impossible proportions. Which just makes it all the more important to give young girls the benefits of and un-retouched version.

Because as this video makes clear, Barbie is a long way from realistic.

Lammily on YouTube