Courteney's Thanksgiving Plans Are Verrrry Monica

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching (it's next Thursday, people!), celebrities are just like us normal folk aka they're also getting ready for the turkey-loving (except if you're vegetarian or vegan) day. Some of them even host too! One star in particular is Courteney Cox, who's hosting a 30-person Thanksgiving dinner. Yep, it's official. She's just like her Friends character, Monica Geller, except for the fact that Cox will be serving all canned goods, but assured People, "It tastes great." Did Monica teach you nothing?! Of course, Cox is joking.

Her Monica similarities continue, as she loves playing host. Per her Cougar Town co-star Busy Philipps, "Courtney’s really good about keeping people together. She has Sunday nights at her house." This isn't anything new for Cox, as it's a tradition she grew up with. She said,

I grew up in Alabama. where my grandmother on Sundays — I have 21 first cousins — got the entire family together at 5:30. So I’m just used to having big groups gathering. Cox added, Getting everyone together can be tough. No one has family out here [Los Angeles], so it’s trying to create some sort of community that I have people over. I say that people are always welcome to come on Sundays.

That's the Monica we know and love! All of this is making me reminiscent for Friends Thanksgiving episodes, so why not showcase some of Monica's best turkey-day moments? Maybe Cox will even find some Thanksgiving dinner inspiration from the woman she played for 10 years.

She Invited Good-Looking Guests

She Was Very Serious About Her Dishes

She Never Wanted to Lose Thanksgiving Football

She Spoke Her Mind, After All, She Was Making Dinner

She Danced With a Turkey on Her Head

Of Course, Her Dinner's Were Always a Success

Happy Friends Thanksgiving!

Images: Giphy (5); thelostie, fan1bsb97/Tumblr