Will Leah Messer Be on 'Teen Mom 2' Season 6? She's Making That Answer Very Clear

This show is still on? Apparently, and even though it's still airing on MTV, it looks like Leah Messer is leaving Teen Mom 2 . After five seasons on the reality show revolving around, you guessed it, teen moms, Messer is exiting the series. She announced the news via her Twitter account in reply to a fan's question reading, "Are you doing season 6?" Her response? A blunt "no." Well, there you have it. A simple, but unsatisfying answer for fans.

Since Season 1, Messer's been a big part of the show letting people into her life as a young mother to her three children, Adalynn Faith and twins Aleeah and Aliannah. MTV has yet to comment on her departure, and Messer hasn't given a solid answer as to why she's leaving.

Her life hasn't been without drama, and she's reportedly currently experiencing trouble with husband Jeremy Calvert over cheating rumors. Furthermore, she's still in a custody battle with her ex-husband Corey Simms.

Maybe all of this is why she's leaving? It could just be time for her to move on and focus on herself and her family. Prior to the news of her leaving the show, Messer posted some cryptic tweets alluding to her departure. Here are just a few of the tweets:

Whatever the reasoning for her exit, Messer is thanking her fans and wishing her castmates all the best.

Image: MTV