Old Video of Jennifer Lawrence in a Local Play Proves She's Always Been Destined For Stardom — VIDEO

I love seeing clips of celebrities before they were famous and, as far as the celebs featured in these videos go, none are more endearing to watch than JLaw is. From her bit appearances in commercials for MTV's My Super Sweet 16 to playing a high school student in an exceptionally bad (thankfully canceled) series Not Another High School Show, young JLaw proved, even in the smallest ways, that she was basically destined to be a huge star. Of all her vintage clips, though, this is without a doubt the most magnificent: In never-before-seen footage recently aired by CNN, a very young Jennifer Lawrence can be seen playing Desdemona in a production of William Shakespeare's classic play Othello a role that called for not only mastery of Shakespearean English, but, also, singing.

It wasn't all that long ago that JLaw appeared on The Late Show and went on about how bad she is at singing before she joke-sang Christmas carols really badly with host David Letterman — so I was actually pretty taken aback to find that, not only is her voice actually not terrible, it's quite nice. Take this as proof, people: JLaw really can do anything. She's probably not human.

Check the clip below.

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