What's The Song In The PowerBeats2 Wireless Headphones Ad? Found It!

Not only is “i” the official song of this NBA season, but that Beats headphones ad (aka the ad in which superstar athletes LeBron James, Cam Newton, Serena Williams, Zou ShiMing, and Alexander Ovechkin get their workout on) plays at least once every time a b-ball game cuts to a commercial break. That is to say basketball fans have been hearing a lot of Kendrick Lamar on their TV sets lately. But hey! This basketball fan *points at self* most certainly is not complaining. No such thing as too much K. Dot! The song in the PowerBeats2 Wireless ad is “Pay For It” by Jay Rock, featuring Kendrick Lamar and Chantal, and it is pure fire.

“Pay For It", which the trio performed on Saturday Night Live last weekend, dropped back in October. It is the first single off of Jay Rock’s to-be-released second studio album.

I'm all about the song and the ad, but I'd be lying if I said the commercial doesn't make me feel like a lazy sack of potatoes. A lazy sack of potatoes that's been fused to a couch after hours of mindless TV watching.

(OK, OK. I shouldn't blame the ad. I feel like a lazy sack of potatoes because I elect to mindlessly watch hours of TV on the regular. That's on me.)


And here's the fire in its entirety:


Image: Beats by Dre/YouTube