Cameron Diaz Get's Grilled In 'SNL' Monologue, Because We All Wanted To Know If Shrek Is Grumpy IRL

The time has come — finally — for another woman to host Saturday Night Live . Cameron Diaz took to hosting on Saturday night, making it the fourth time for the Annie star. The holiday season should prove to be a busy time for Diaz, as mentioned before, she is promoting the remake of Annie — which hits theaters Dec. 19 — where she stars as everyone's least favorite "foster care" supervisor (they got rid of the word "orphanage for the movie), Ms. Hannigan. Because of the shows musical premise, it felt very possible that Diaz was going to delight charm us with a singing monologue — much like the previous hosts this season — but that wasn't quite the case. Instead, Diaz used the monologue to answer burning questions from "fans" in the audience.

After a weird beginning — the "I can't wait to watch the big turkey light up in Rockefeller Center" joke didn't land very well — "fans" in the audience (a.k.a., cast members) stood up and interrupted Diaz to ask all of their burning questions about her work. One of them wasn't a question, much less a "you're hot" comment — which Diaz called him out on. The other questions included "Was it fun to work on The Other Woman?" and "Is Shrek just as grumpy in real life?" asked by my favorite person in the world, Leslie Jones. When Diaz breaks the news to Jones that it is just a movie, Jones looked skeptical as hell, but ultimately comes around when Diaz says, "Yes, he is grumpy."

It was pretty upsetting that there wasn't at least one Annie song in the monologue. Is it too much for an adult woman to ask for a "It's The Hard Knock Life" parody up in this sitch? I guess I'll just go off and listen to the "emoji" version of the song on YouTube (... yes, I said emoji, and yes, that's how modernized the movie is).

Update: later on in the show (during an "HBO: First Look of Annie" sketch), there was a short version of "It's The Hard Knock Life" and "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow," which I'll have to be happy with.