Cameron Diaz & 'SNL' Rap About Your Trip Home For Thanksgiving With "Back Home Ballers," And It Was Perfect

Next Thursday, many a millennial will travel home for Thanksgiving, and SNL knows exactly how you feel about it. To review, you might feel: anxious, excited, prepping for a three day marathon of expanding your waistline by two sizes, miserable, and more anxious. Don't worry, you're not alone. But remember SNL's highly successful "Do It On My Twin Bed" song? Well, the Thanksgiving version just hit Saturday Night Live with host Cameron Diaz, and it covered everything that runs through your head when you're preparing for a simple trip home for the holidays.

First of all, the group name for the rap song was "YRGIRLS," which, in itself, sells me on the song. Secondly, every single one of the female cast members (and Diaz) was dressed like a Bratz doll, so at this point, I've already bought what they're selling, and considered posting it on eBay at a higher rate, but it just keeps getting better!

Here's what we/ SNL love about going home for Thanksgiving: a stocked fridge courtesy of Costco, free WiFi (even though there is a long password), a ton of bowls filled with miscellaneous items, tacos when you say tacos, "napping" to get out of helping mom in the kitchen, running the washing machine for just one sock, and being treated like a god among commoners. Thanks parents!

It can't all be tacos and free WiFi, though. There's also the consistent fear of running into your neighbors and having to answer the "So, what's going on with you?" question — which is basically why I never leave my house. But that's just one small fluke with being a "Back Home Baller," and leaving the house is vastly overrated.

Hopefully the "YRGIRLS" will be back for Christmas, because that is a whole other story.

Images: Dana Edelson/NBC