Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson Rocked 'SNL,' But Why Wasn't Bruno In Any Sketches?

Saturday was a classic night for Saturday Night Live, meaning there weren't any surprise guests or special cameos. But that's OK, because with SNL hosting duties filled by Cameron Diaz, it was sure to be funny, and with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars as musical guests, it was sure to be groovy. And although it was funny and groovy, I couldn't help but be disappointed that Bruno Mars didn't appear in any of the night's sketches.

I understand Saturday was Diaz's night to shine, she was the host after all, but I feel like we missed out on a great opportunity with Bruno Mars as a musical guest, and Diaz promoting Annie. One sketch, in particular, the "Back Home Ballas" rap featuring all of the women in the cast, is sure to be a sketch people will be talking about and posting on each other's Facebook walls around the holiday season for years to come. But with Mars' incredible impersonation skills (see: the episode he hosted in 2012), how did we not get at least one cameo?

The first song Mars and Ronson performed was "Uptown Funk," and if you don't know this song, you are going to want to download it yesterday. And no, this song is not about that distinct smell that hits your nostrils when you go anywhere considered "uptown," but it is the lead released single on Ronson's newest album (coming out 2015), Uptown Special. The second song, which was done by Mystikal (!!!), hardly featured Mars, but I was shockingly OK with that.

Something I wasn't OK with was how Mars wasn't featured in any sketches. If you've seen Mars host SNL, you know that he is crazy talented on and off stage. Obviously, his absence could be for multiple reasons (scheduling, budget, etc.), but he could have even been squeezed into the Annie sketch (as a foster kid). Can we just take a moment to picture Mars singing a few bars of "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow?" It would have been amazing! Missed opportunity SNL, missed opportunity.

Images: Dana Edelson/NBC