In Other News: September 12, 2013

You probably heard Putin wrote an editorial for the New York Times today. Luckily, the New Yorker has also "uncovered" his emotional Modern Love column. We're guessing his staff didn't ghostwrite this one.

The Daily Beast's Peter Beinart makes the case for why the New New Left (aka actual liberals like Bill de Blasio) will soon be winning more and more elections.

Buzzfeed, in typical Buzfeed fashion, explained Syria to us mere millennials.. using gifs from The Hills.

Speaking of Syria, The Second City Network has released this hilarious video asking for kickstarter donations to start World War III.

While it looks like Walmart will not have to pay a living wage to its workers in D.C., it will be offering the new iPhone 5C at a 20 percent discount. So, phew.

And speaking of that revolutionary new phone:

Pre-orders start at midnight.

Just in case you didn't believe fast food workers are underpaid, we now have this: a manager at a McDonald's from Oakland, CA (what up hometown!) held up his own establishment.

Jonathan Trappe, aka a guy who also cries EVERY SINGLE TIME he sees this montage in Up, is trying to become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a vessel powered only by helium-filled balloons.

This can only end well, we hope.

And finally, while it's on its face extremely distressing that Disney's movie theatre re-release of The Little Mermaid will encourage iPad participation, we should probably take a minute to remember that we liked sing-alongs when we were kids too.