'Cosby Show' Producers Speak Out About Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Allegations, Finally

It seems like every day, more and more details come to light about the Bill Cosby rape allegations that make an already terrible situation even more horrifying. And although Cosby has finally broken his silence about the accusations, he's not alone in trying to assert his innocence. (You can read his statement here). The producers of The Cosby Show, Marcy Carey and Tom Werner, released a joint statement about the Bill Cosby rape allegations on Thursday with their take on the situation:

According to Variety, Carey and Werner are the first entertainment executives to speak out about the issue.

Since the accusations against Cosby have been brought back to the surface, an eighth woman, Angela Leslie, has come forward to tell her story. Despite the information that has emerged in the past week, Cosby's lawyer, Marty Singer, has released a statement that maintains that Cosby is innocent.