Will Robin Be on 'Gotham'? The Show Plans To Introduce his Parents & Possibly Did Already

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Bruno Heller revealed that Gotham Season 1 will introduce Robin's parents. In the DC comics, Robin the Boy Wonder, aka Dick Grayson, grew up as a circus acrobat. Much like Bruce Wayne, Grayson witnessed the murder of both of his parents, when an assassin tampered with the rope they used for their daring trapeze routine. Performing without the safety of a net, the Graysons died tragically right in front of their adolescent son, who was adopted by Bruce Wayne. Batman then used Dick's acrobatic skills to turn him into a worthy sidekick. The two heroes' origins mirror one another, which is why they're able to get along so well. They both lost their parents to a petty criminal at a young age and channeled their grief into their costumed identities.

But since Robin is raised by Batman, there's no way Gotham can introduce Robin in the near future. They can't even introduce a pregnant Mary Grayson and have it make sense. So when Heller told EW it will be a "prenatal" Robin on Gotham, he must mean pre-prenatal. His parents might not even have met yet. If they're already supposed to be circus performers, then we haven't met them yet, since with all the murders and crazy hostage crises in Gotham City, our leads haven't had much time to take in a show. But what if we meet them out of costume, like the many villains we've already seen on Gotham? Where could we possibly have seen the two circus performers that will eventually become the Flying Graysons?

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So far, we haven't seen any acrobats, but we have seen a comedian and a few singers. One was memorably thrashed by Liza and not particularly seductive. However, she was talented. Maybe this particular singer took her "talents" to a sideshow tent.


For now, she's Falcone's girlfriend and Fish's sidekick. But with Penguin poised to give away her secret and ruin both connections for her, she might find herself in a position where she needs to run away to join the circus. Maybe she'll find love once she's gotten up on a trapeze.


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In Gotham City, prisons might as well have a revolving door. Even so, it's a bit early for Balloonman to be back out on the streets. But he's the only character we've met who has a flair for the dramatic, loves heights, appreciates a carnival classic — balloons — and performs without the safety of a net.

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