Could Another Thawne Have Killed 'The Flash's Mom?

I know, we're all sick with speculation over who killed Barry Allen's mother on The Flash . The CW show has strayed enough from the comic books that we don't have a clear answer. An upcoming episode is titled "The Man In the Yellow Suit," so answers may be coming after all. In the Flash comics, Professor Zoom or Reverse-Flash wears a yellow suit and is responsible for Nora Allen's death. We just don't know who Professor Zoom is, if he and Reverse-Flash are the same person on this show, and if either of them are the murderer that Barry and Detective West seek. It could be Harrison Wells. The doctor always has something up his sleeve. It could also be Eddie Thawne. He shares a last name with Eobard Thawne, the comic book character who becomes Professor Zoom. I caught something in last week's episode that may have been a major clue. Eddie Thawne has a political father who was not well liked in the community. Could Eddie's father be the Thawne that killed Nora Allen? I think this is a real possibility. Only I hope his name doesn't turn out to be Eobard, that sounds too much like something out of Lord of the Rings.

If this is what went down, the relationship would remind me a lot of Norman and Harry Osborn in Spiderman. Harry has the potential to be a baddie, but Norman was above and beyond from the start. Eddie seems like a nice guy. I like that he and Barry bonded over boxing practice and shattered the stereotype that all good-looking adults were popular in high school, like we're doomed to our pubescent state for life. I would hate for such a strong blossoming friendship to turn nasty. Plus, what would that mean for Iris? How devastating would it be to find out your boyfriend murdered your best friend's mother?

Look at that face! He's not a murderer. I would hope, even if Eddie does betray Barry, it would take more episodes than this. So while I'm starting to root for Eddie, I'll turn my attentions to the as-yet-unseen Thawne.

My theory here is that Eddie's father is a metahuman with a power similar to Barry's, only he's mastered the ability to use his speed to travel through time. I've seen Back to the Future. I've read about "The Butterfly Effect." If Nora Allen's death is the key to something happening down the road, that's motive to make sure her death happens as fated. Maybe Nora had to die in order to set Barry down this path. That's one of my least favorite tropes. Never kill a female character to motivate a male protagonist, writers! They can motivate themselves! However, it's likely to be the case.

Maybe Nora Allen's death in some way benefitted the Thawne family. Eddie's dad is a politician, he could be thirsty for knowledge about and control over the future. I think we'll be seeing more of this Central City elected official on The Flash, and he could be the missing piece to Nora Allen's case.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW, ohlicity/Tumblr