Rowena Returns to 'Supernatural' & She Just Might Be the Show's Most Bewitching Female Character Yet

What better way to get in the Thanksgiving spirit than with a group of badass witches? Nothing says the holiday of giving like an elegant but tough witch teaching other women the art of witchcraft. That's right, Tuesday's episode of Supernatural , "Girls, Girls, Girls," features the return of Rowena. She's a mysterious redheaded witch causing all kinds of trouble for the Winchesters. In addition to learning Dean uses a dating app, and what appears to be Castiel and Hannah kissing, the upcoming episode will showcases all kinds of goodness, like a new kickass female character. I definitely can't get enough of those, especially on one of my favorite CW shows.

We've seen Meg, Ruby, and Abaddon, among other women, cause Sam and Dean all kinds of hell. Well, now, Rowena (played by Scottish actress Ruth Connell) just might become the next big bad. Her character has been teased for awhile now, and it's about time we see her in action. According to TVLine, Rowena is said to be an "old-school witch" who is all about reclaiming her power base. Per the episode description, that's exactly what she's doing. Apparently, Rowena is recruiting and training followers in witchcraft. Sam and Dean might think it's a walk in the park to take down yet another witch, but I have a feeling Rowena is going to be more than they can handle. Check out the preview for "Girls, Girls, Girls" below.

The first glimpse given of Rowena was at the end of Season 10, Episode 3 titled "Soul Survivor." The episode closed with Rowena showing her true, bloody colors. Is Rowena the next big bad? Will she stick around for more than a few episodes? What is her exact plan? Hopefully Tuesday's episode will answer some, or all, of those questions, but until then, here are just a few examples proving that she just might be the most bewitching witch, female character, and villain Supernatural fans have seen yet.

She Can Read While Dead Bodies Hover over Her Head

When Blood Drips on Her Arm, She Barely Moves

She Calmly Pats the Blood Dry With a Napkin

After the Blood Is Cleaned Up, She Remains Calm, Cool, & Collected

Her Smile Says It All: She's Badass & She Knows It

Who else is ready to see Rowena in action?

Images: Katie Yu/The CW; theanonsisters (5)/Tumblr