"Social Justice Kittens" Is Officially The Only 2015 Calendar That Matters—PHOTOS

You and your white, heteronormative, cis-gender, bougie, privileged, faux-ally nonsense have no place in 2015, and these social justice kittens agree. It's funny because there's actually no part of that sentence I don't wholeheartedly mean, except maybe the part about the kittens agreeing because, to be fair, I really can't speak for the kittens. But I really do have to believe that little faces like that are all for the creation and protection of safe spaces for people of all racial and socioeconomic background and gender expressions. You can just tell. There's simply no wrapping my head around a world where any kitten would be in favor of social conditions which marginalize and dehumanize anyone. That's not what kittens are about. Maybe it's the downturned ears. They scream, "I'm here to champion your right to exist both with my words and actions against the people and institutions that seek to oppress you, and with my silence as you give voice to your needs and experiences."

I'm preemptively in love with the inevitably forthcoming debate over whether or not this calendar is meant to be sincere or satirical, because of course people are going to argue over that. They are kittens. They are kittens who are advocating for social justice. They are kittens who have feelings about misogyny, or even know what that is, of course this is a joke. But it's really cute when people freak out about whether or not someone is "for real" when they create something like this. All that "I need to understand your intentions" panic really says is, "I'm aware that these issues are very real things, which scares me because confronting them threatens the supremacy of my identity and the acceptability of my damaging mindsets and actions against others, so before I proceed to enjoy this expression of these ideas, please tell me that we're mocking them instead of affirming them, otherwise I need to go hide." It's super cute.

Images: LiarTownUSA; Parker_Molloy/Instagram