J. Law Met Giggy!

by Arielle Dachille

The world was not built to physically sustain a pop culture crossover of this magnitude. Jennifer Lawrence dined at Lisa Vanderpump's PUMP restaurant Sunday night with a group of friends, which sets up the perfect opportunity for a supreme celebrity cameo in either Vanderpump Rules or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Would this break the Internet, or would it break the Earth? I just don't know!

On Sunday, the Oscar-winner was spotted with her girl gang enjoying PUMP-tinis at the RHOBH star's newest West Hollywood eatery. Lisa and husband Ken Todd both came by J. Law's table to wish her and her friends well, toting Giggy in hand wearing his best berry-colored sweater and cravat. A little birdie told E! Online that the Hunger Games actress was the jovial mayor of her table: "She was super nice to everyone and in a great mood... They had a full meal and drank cocktails." Then again, if you're making the acquaintance of his grace Gigolo the pom, how could you not walk away from the experience with a starstruck-based high?

Here she is with Ken, Giggy, and friend Laura Simpson. On Sunday, there was a chortle-worthy video of herself re-enacting the Vanderpump Rules intro with her friends floating around on the Internet. Sadly, the video has since been deleted, but we'll always have this moment.

As the caption says, this is a "#dreamdinner" realized for a self-professed reality TV connoisseur like Lawrence. Simpson also shared a group picture of Lisa joining the pack. J. Law sadly appears to be mostly cut out of the frame, but that's definitely her hair all the way to the right.

Oh, if only this event foreshadowed a RHOBH and/or Vanderpump Rules walk-on from Katniss Everdeen. Obviously, the best way that this could be executed would be with a classic J. Law photobomb. I'm imagining something like this: As Scheana and Kristen argue in the back room, Lawrence will sail through the background wearing an '80s prom dress and doing a Miss America-style wave. After taking a couple shots of fireball, she'll shimmy for 45 seconds, and Charlie Brown out of frame. Best minute-and-a-half of television in history.

Update: The video has returned! Check out J. Law and her friends reenacting the Vanderpump Rules intro below!