Is Harrison Wells' Wife Tess Morgan Still Alive on 'The Flash'? Her Story May Not Be Over

The CW's newest hit series has really been making strides in its first season with plot and character development. Unlike other hero-based shows (Smallville comes to mind), The Flash is not afraid to show its viewers storylines that are still ahead on the series, as well as teases about characters who are still a bit of a mystery. Last week's episode "The Flash Is Born" had quite the epic ending, where Barry's alter ego finally had received his future iconic name (because seriously, "The Streak" was a terrible choice). But aside from Barry's future heading in the right direction, we also got another taste into arguably the most intriguing character on The Flash : Harrison Wells. This time his storyline focused on his late wife Tess Morgan, who he revealed had died several years earlier in a car crash. Considering Wells lies and keeps secrets about everything, could he be lying once again here? Could Tess Morgan still be alive?

Just like any question you can ask about The Flash, the answer is simply: Anything is possible. In fact, I believe that Tess is definitely still alive. The real question is does Harrison know that his wife is could still be alive? With him, it's a toss-up.

From the way he was describing his wife to Joe, Harrison clearly had admiration, tension, and regret in his voice. It seems at the moment that he does believe his wife to be dead and that he is upset about it. But if that is the case, then her "cause of death" has to be suspect, right? On a show like The Flash, which is all about metahumans, huge leaps and bounds in scientific advancement, and even possible time travel, a car accident just feels so... normal, and therefore out of place on a show like this — even if the accident occurred before the particle accelerator explosion. So if Tess really died, my guess would be that it is at least partially Harrison's fault.Here's my theory. About 14 years ago, Tess and Harrison were a happily married couple of up and coming scientists with tremendous potential. The couple came up with the idea for the particle accelerator together and Tess had worries about the scientific calculations of the device, as well as its potential use. Harrison wanted to keep pushing, keep growing the machine, and keep finding out what it could do. So what does he do? He tests it well before the configurations are calculated precisely. While he tests it in a controlled environment, something goes wrong involving Tess. Perhaps she enters the lab at the wrong time or finds out about the experiment going wrong and is the only one who can fix it, but lost her life in the process. In the end, Harrison believes Tess is dead. Maybe she did die in the accident. Or maybe she became the first metahuman — unbeknownst to Harrison.Or this could all just an overly elaborate theory and Tess really did die in a car accident. But something about that just doesn't fit for a person like Harrison. If Tess really did die in a car accident (or even if she lived but Harrison doesn't know), maybe her death became a catalyst for his future plans involving Barry. Whichever way the writers go with Tess' story, I doubt "The Flash Is Born" will be the last time we hear her name.

Images: Diyah Pera, Katie Yu/The CW