6 Gifs Proving Ryan Reynolds Will Make a Fantastic Father to His Child With Blake Lively

In what shouldn't come as shocking news, Ryan Reynolds is ready to be a father. If you're wondering, yes, Reynolds is going to be fantastic at fatherhood. In a recent interview with People, Reynolds shared he has zero fears about changing dirty diapers and can't wait to have another friend to chill with. Can you say "swoon"? Yeah, Blake Lively is one lucky lady, and their child is even luckier. As Reynold told the entertainment outlet:

As for making mistakes, which comes with the territory of being a new dad, Reynolds understands that's part of being a parent,

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yep, no doubt, Reynolds will be one amazing dad. Hey, kid, you better treat your dad (and mom, of course) right. Speaking of Reynolds being a great father, it's something we should have seen coming. For example, take these six gifs that prove he'll definitely be father of the year.

He Always Knows the Right Thing to Say

He Loves Juice Boxes aka a Kid's Go-To Drink

He'll Try Not to Worry Too Much, But You Know He So Will

He'll Protect His Son/Daughter No Matter What

He'll Pull the Embarrassing Dad Card When Necessary

His Adoration for Blake Is Really All Their Child Needs

Baby Reynolds will be one happy kid.

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