Norman High School Students Silently Walk Out Over Their Classmate's Rape, Backed By "Yes All Daughters"

On Monday, a group of Norman, Oklahoma, high schoolers staged a silent walk out of Norman High School as part of the Yes All Daughters campaign, an antibullying and antirape movement organized by students after allegedly watching the school turn its back on one of their classmates.

Spinning off of the Yes All Women social media campaign, Yes All Daughters seeks to bring awareness to the frequent bullying that rape victims face. Last September, a 16-year-old student at Norman High School was allegedly raped by another student. The assault was taped and passed around the school, and the victim faced bullying to the point that she was unable to attend school. Two other victims have alleged that they were raped by the same assailant.

The group organized a peaceful walkout at Norman High, posting protest do's and don'ts on its Facebook page. Students and supporters are asked to wear blue or teal in support of antibullying and antirape efforts.

At a press conference last Thursday, student organizer Danielle Brown stood with her mother and her aunt as she laid out Yes All Daughter's mission:

The 18-year-old alleged assailant has reportedly been suspended from school, not because of the rape allegations, but because of the video that showed him penetrating one of his victims.

Images: Twitter/Steven Zoeller