Which 'Beyonce' Platinum Song Is Best?

It's been a good 12 months for Beyoncé fans, and it just keeps getting better. A year ago, Beyoncé dropped a surprise album that proved to be one of her best yet. Beyoncé became the anthem album to many, and proved to make for great TV (and tour, duh) when HBO showed the Beyoncé and Jay Z "On The Run" Tour, which proved that they are the first family of music. Period. Now that Beyoncé has rereleased her self-titled album, with the addition of two completely new songs and four remixes, you're probably going to want to listen to the album nonstop. Luckily, Spotify has just started streaming Beyoncé , and yes, it's OK to scream.

Beyoncé is here to help heal any wound, as always, because she's such a martyr. Here is a definitive ranking — in my opinion — of all the songs on Beyoncé Platinum Edition, and a suggestive guide for the order in which you should be listen to the songs on the album. Grab your headphones, pop a bottle of bubbly, and great ready to relive the magic.

Disclaimer: Some of these songs are so close in popularity in my heart that they would almost all be "Number 1" in my mind.

1. "Drunk In Love"

Not the remix, we'll get to that. The original is probably the most mainstream song on the album, but for good reason.

2. "7/11"

She's bringing twerking back like it's 2013 Miley. One of two completely new songs on the new album deserves a high spot on this list, since it is sure to become a hit single. Plus, is it about the convenience store or what? The mystery is so enticing.

3. "Flawless Remix"

This remix deserves to be high up, because while the original is great, Nicki Minaj's presence is always welcomed.

4. "Yonce/Partition"

From the switch into "Partition" to the sexy nature of the song, this is one of her best.

5. "Standing On The Sun"

We first heard this song over a year ago, but it never made it to Beyoncé , but now that "Standing On The Sun" is on the Platinum Edition , you can believe I'll be listening to this jazzy track on the beaches of some tropical locale (in my mind).

6. "XO"

If you haven't belted "I love you like XO" at some point in the last year, you're doing life wrong.

7. "Pretty Hurts"

In an anthem that preaches it isn't just about what's on the outside, Bey sings that "perfection is a disease of a nation."

8. "***Flawless"

Anthem of feminists everywhere.

9. "Haunted"

It's spooky, plus Fifty Shades Of Grey. So, win win.

10. "Superpower"

The beat to this song is so good. And how can you not love a little Frank Ocean mixed in with your morning Bey?

11. "Blow Remix"

Another great addition on the Platinum Edition, Pharrell remix to "Blow."

12. "Ring Off"

The second completely new song on the album is a great anthem about independence, that is not about Bey and Jay Z's marriage, as much as people probably want to speculate.

13. "Blue"

I rolled my eyes with the rest of the world when we learned that Blue Ivy was "featured" in this song when Beyoncé came out, but her moment at the end of the song is adorable. Plus the ballad is so gorgeous and features Beyoncé's voice to perfection.

14. "Drunk In Love Remix"

Kanye West and HOV (Jay Z) are both featured on this track, confirming that Kanye West is everywhere.

15. "Mine"

A complete 180 from some of the pop-ier songs on the album, "Mine" is a slower ballad featuring Drake (Drizzy if you will), and while it's good, it's not my favorite on the album. Although Drake sounds great in it.

16. "Blow"

I love this song, but the remix wins me over so much more, which is the reason this song is lower on the list. The retro nature of the beat is completely infectious, though.

17. "Jealous"

It's good, just not as good (in my mind) as other songs.

18. "Rocket"

In my opinion this is Bey's sexiest song. And the instrumental moment four minutes in is BEY-ond, but it is definitely a song for certain occasions, not all day listening.

19. "Heaven"

A beautiful song, no doubt, but it never stuck with me. Plus, I don't know French so I miss the end completely. I'll take blame for not being worldly.

20. "No Angel"

Although it was impossible, we get to the end of the list. Shockingly, I have listened to "No Angel" more than most songs on my iTunes library, it's just one of my least listened to Bey songs.

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