5 Things 'True Detective' & 'The Notebook' Have in Common

The mystery has FINALLY been solved! The leading roles for True Detective Season 2 have been fully cast after many rumors, memes, and industry speculations. Joining Vince Vaughn and Collin Farrell will be Tim Riggins (I'm sorry, I mean Taylor Kitsch) and, drumroll please, the female stars will be... RACHEL MCADAMS AND KELLY REILLY. McAdams will play Ventura County Sheriff Ani Bezzerides, the good cop fighting against the broken system. Reilly is lined up to play Jordan, a quasi-successful actress and wife to Vaughn's scheming Frank Semyon. She's the Amy Adams to his Christian Bale in American Hustle, if you will. Rounding out the fellas is Kitsch who will play Paul Woodrough, a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer and war veteran — so in case you were worried, his long Riggins hair will be getting plenty of screen time.

McAdams has been rumored for months to be part of the highly-anticipated second season of HBO's gripping serial drama. The unofficial queen of Nicholas Sparks rom-edies is hanging up the Kleenex for a badge and pistol. So far True Detective has done wonders for former rom-com legends and churns out the finest actors currently on screen. You all remember the McConnaissance, right? If you thought McAdams has resigned to halo lighting... think again. She might know her way around a lovey-dovey script, but it doesn't mean she can't tackle a gritty mystery. In fact, there are plenty of things The Notebook can teach you about solving a grisly murder or a masterful heist. Here's how:

You already know it will end, from the beginning

The murderer in True Detective WAS a member of a backwoods "religion" that followed Carcosa and killed the young and innocent in some awful form of ritual sacrifice — just like Rust Cohle said! And come on, we pretty much knew the twist in the Notebook from the start.

Rich Dudes Are the worst!

Allen Grant on YouTube

Steve Geraci, the worst! Lon Hammond, the worst!

Dudes with facial hair are total poets and know all the answers

Get out of here, Rust and Noah with all your theories on time and humanity!

Copious Records Are Key

Rust's scary storage facility and Noah's 365 love letters really did the trick.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Do NOT mess with Maggie Hart or Allie Hamilton. Watch out fellas, Ani Bezzerides might seem nice, but I get the sneaking suspicion she is not one to cross.

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