Matthew Weiner Wants 'Mad Men' to Win Emmys & We're Right There With Him

One small pop cultural injustice that's been haunting the entertainment world for years is the fact that no one in the Mad Men cast has won an Emmy. Jon Hamm has lost the Emmy seven times despite playing Don Draper, one of the most iconic television characters of all time. And Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has had more than enough of this nonsense — and I'm right there with him.

As Variety reports, here's what Weiner said during a Q&A at the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences:

One of my great frustrations is that they haven’t been recognized more. None of these actors has ever won an Emmy and they are the gold standard. I still feel like their contribution has been unrecognized.

For the record, Weiner's won his share of Emmys: He's got three, so it's not like he's claiming he's been neglected.

And, to be frank, he's right. This is hardly to say that Bryan Cranston didn't earn thousands of Emmys for his portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad, but the fact that Hamm hasn't won yet for Don Draper feels like a massive oversight considering all the heavy lifting Hamm's face does on that show. That's not even to mention the crying shame it was that Christina Hendricks didn't win for her turn as Joan Holloway-Harris in episodes like "The Other Woman," or that Elisabeth Moss hasn't won after the mountains of character growth she's climbed as Peggy Olson, or that Kiernan Shipka's still a minor but knocking so many other actors out of the park as Sally Draper.

But there could be good news for Mad Men: Breaking Bad is officially no longer running or under eligibility for Emmys, and that's probably a part of why AMC split Mad Men's final season in half in the first place. As long as Emmy voters decide not to have another collective stroke and give the Emmys to the actors on the final season of The Newsroom instead, preliminary signs are pointing to 2015 being Mad Men's year.

If it's not, just know that Weiner and I will be giving Emmy voters hardcore stink-eye for decades to come.

Image: Tawdrysquid/tumblr