22 Alcohol Gifts To Add To Your Boozy Holiday Wish List This Year

Rejoice holiday boozehounds, your 2014 alcohol-themed gift guide is here. This comprehensive list includes everything you'll need to spruce up a festive party or present and promote friendly conversation fodder for at least another 364 days. Whether you're shopping for lovers, friends, family, or yourself, be sure to add a flask, tote, or tequila to your virtual shopping cart this year.

From wine charms to beer jellies to disco dust, all listed products can be ordered online, saving you from the stress of Black Friday battle shopping. And why stop there? Go ahead and customize that flask for your lucky lush. They'll be sure to think of you with every future sip. Happy holiday shopping libation lovers!

Brooklyn Wine Tote

This 100 percent cotton (see: washable) tote will transport that bottle of pinot in style, ensuring you’ll never show up to a house party or potluck empty handed again.

Brooklyn Wine Tote, $15,

Dorothy Parker Flask

According to Catbird, everyone needs an (awesome) flask. And here it is.

Dorothy Parker Flask, $27,

Different Types of Wine Poster

Follow the dots to find your go-to wine based on style and flavor characteristics. This 18-by-24 inch matte poster is informative and decorative, replete with its own warning label: May increase appetite for wine.

Different Types of Wine Poster, $24,

Partida Blanco Tequila

What could be better than hot chocolate? Boozy hot chocolate! Warm up with a Mexican hot chocolate: Mix two ounces of Partida Blanco Tequila with your favorite hot chocolate. Add cayenne, cinnamon, nutmeg, and shame to taste. I mean, let’s not forget we’re talking tequila here.

Partida Blanco Tequila, $36.99,

My Drunk Kitchen

The ideal gift for your favorite drunk cook. Hannah Hart’s comedic culinary debut includes recipes, stories, full color photos, and drawings. She even offers key drinking-while-cooking recommendations to optimize your tipsy time in the kitchen.

My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut, $14.47,

Enchanted Animal Bottle Opener

These enchanted brass bottle openers come in three styles: bear, rabbit, or reindeer. The ideal 2014 stocking stuffer.

Enchanted Animal Bottle Opener, $20,

Intervention-ware Mug

Let your coffee mug say what you really want to say at 9 a.m. Add copious amounts of Bailey’s and Jameson to taste.

Intervention-ware Mug, $12.95,

The Large Wine Sippy Cup

Also known as adult juice boxes, these wine sippy cups can be completely sealed, making for superb accoutrements to your urban winter picnic.

The Large Wine Sippy Cup, $15.95,

Club W

Club W recommends wines based on your personal palate preferences. You can even give the gift of wine for $50 per month. Just sign up, and your lucky recipient will be able to choose the specific bottles they want.

$50 per month,

Bowling Wine Stopper

Ah, the trophy wine stopper, also known as the greatest participation award of all time.

Bowling Wine Stopper, $7.95,

Villeroy & Boch Boston Colored Claret

These Boston Colored Clarets make for great dining room table statement pieces. Perfect for a holiday party, but versatile enough to use year-round. If only you could say the same about last night’s date.

Villeroy & Boch Boston Colored Claret, $15.95,

Sauced Measuring Wine Glasses

Like cooking with wine? These glasses tell you just how much you’re pouring into your dish — and into your mouth.

Sauced Measuring Wine Glasses, $16,

Skull Bottle Opener

This cast iron wall-mounted bottle opener will save you from eternal junk drawer clutter while sparking killer conversation. All puns intended.

Skull Bottle Opener, $24,

Socks Rolled Down — Set of Two Tumblers

These jewel-toned, hand-blown tumblers are a foolproof gift for that laid-back friend who’s always down to enjoy a couple slow ones over good conversation.

Socks Rolled Down — Set of Two Tumblers, $45,

Doc's Draft Hard Pear Cider

Doc’s Hard Pear Cider drinks like a champagne, making it the perfect bubbly alternative to your typical midnight toast.

Doc’s Draft Hard Pear Cider (22 ounces), $5.99,

Host Freeze Cooling Wine Glass

Are these genius, or are these genius? These glasses come equipped with cooling gel that keeps your drink chilled, and rubber glass sleeves that keep your hands warm.

Host Freeze Cooling Wine Glass, $24.50,

Potlicker Vermont Beer Jelly

Potlicker’s beer jellies come in sets of three, serving as solid boozy accompaniment to your cheese and meat board. The “What Ales Ya?” trifecta includes one-of-a-kind jelly flavors like India Pale Ale, Green Mountain Ale, and Apricot Ale.

Potlicker Vermont Beer Jelly, $21 for three jars,

Edible Disco Dust

Want to add a little shimmer to those red wine chocolate cupcakes? How about a sparkle rimmed martini glass? Brighten up your holiday party with edible disco dust, available in over 20 colors.

Edible Disco Dust, $4.99,

Wine and Cheese Picnic Backpack

Wine glasses? Check. Cheese knife? Check. Urban winter picnic with your favorite libertine lush? Check!

Wine and Cheese Backpack, $54.40,

Good Night Holiday Cocktail Napkins

Before you stuff your face, stuff these retro napkins in someone’s stocking. With just a hint of holiday flare, these cocktail bevies can be used year-round. And they’re cheap. Hooray!

Good Night Holiday Cocktail Napkin, $5.95,

Winestein Stemware Mug

The perfect wine glass/mug for the person who wants it all. Cheers!

Winestein Stemware Mug, $21.95,

Wine For Your Life Wine Bottle Holder

No matter where you put it, this wine bottle holder causes a playful scene.

Wine For Your Life Wine Bottle Holder, $26.99,