What the Protests Look Like Across the Nation

by Kate Ward

On Monday, hundreds of protestors gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department to hear that the grand jury had decided not to charge Darren Wilson for killing unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August. And when the crowd heard the decision, it was angry. Shocked. And, based on the fact that the crowd did not disperse, ready to continue to call for change. But the anger extended beyond the suburbs of Missouri. Because protests against the decision and the killing of Brown took place across the nation.

Protestors on the West Coast, the East Coast, and beyond assembled Monday night ahead of the decision to show support for the community, which has faced violence and strife following Brown's death. And, once St. Louis prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch announced the grand jury's decision, claiming, "the statements of all witnesses were challenged by the prosecutor, by the police and by the grand jury members themselves. Physical evidence doesn’t change," demonstrators only continued to show solidarity for those in Ferguson.

While those on the ground in Ferguson dodged tear gas where authorities claiming protestors were unlawfully gathered, those in San Francisco, New York, and more held strong with peaceful demonstrations backing Brown supporters. Here are just a few images from demonstrations across the U.S.

Union Square and Times Square, New York

Capitol Hill, Seattle

Bay Area, California

Chicago, Illinois

Center City, Philadelphia

White House, Washington D.C.

Los Angeles

Image: @ellypark07/Twitter