In Ferguson Right Now, Shots Have Been Fired, Windows Broken, And Smoke & Pepper Spray Deployed — PHOTOS

Less than two hours after the St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCullough announced that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson won't be charged in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, protesters and cops clashed on the streets of the St. Louis suburb. According to reports from CNN, protesters began smashing car windows outside the Ferguson Police Department, and even tried to overturn a vehicle. The St. Louis County Police Department has also confirmed via Twitter that protesters threw bottles, rocks and batteries at police officers, and shots were fired outside the police department headquarters; it's unclear if those shots were fired by civilians or law enforcement.

Close to midnight, Ferguson was declared a no-fly zone, meaning helicopters were no longer allowed to film from above.

According to St. Louis County police, a molotov cocktail was thrown at police around 9 p.m. CT, and the rear window of police vehicle was shattered. Meanwhile, looting has broken out on West Florissant Street. In response to the escalating unrest, authorities have deployed smoke and pepper spray to disperse crowds. Although several news reports and Twitter feeds claimed tear gas was being used on protesters, St. Louis County police said via Twitter that its officers were not employing tear gas.

However, live accounts of reporters and citizens alike on the ground contend that the police, clad in riot gear and utilizing military-like vehicles, are resorting to dangerous tactics to quell protesters. A live report from CNN said that not only have police fired tear gas, but there has been "active gunfire." CNN's live news feed also shows a police vehicle engulfed in flames, as law enforcement patrol the crowded streets.