'New Girl' Thanksgiving Guest Star Meghan Falcone Has a Killer Zooey Deschanel Impression

Although she is just starting her career in the comedy world, I thought I could do a little digging on Meghan Falcone who guest stars as Lucy on New Girl in "Thanksgiving IV" episode this year, which is actually called "bangs-giving," according to Schmidt. And it's no wonder Falcone shows up for this big New Girl episode — I'm convinced that she's minutes away from being scooped up as a regular on Saturday Night Live.

So where does Falcone fit into the Thanksgiving madness? Schmidt decides that everyone needs to bring a guest to dinner, with the idea that each guest could be set up with one of the roommates. Other guest stars/potential romantic interests include include Parks and Rec's Shauna Malwae-Tweep (aka actress Alison Becker) and Greta Lee from Inside Amy Schumer. They all come to dinner and it looks like Jess’ new love interest, the hot guy from Pretty Little Liars, will be joining the party as well. As is pretty usual in the New Girl apartment, chaos ensues.

But regardless of whether or not she gets luck with Schmidt or Winston, the actress herself has quite a bit going for her in real life. Meghan Falcone lives in Los Angeles (surprise, surprise) and she does a lot of impressions. It's kind of her thing. Her very first role was in 2008 in a movie called Don't Look in the Cellar and has since been in various short films and TV shows since then, as up-and-comers do. Now for the specifics:

Proper Southern Girl(ish)

Falcone was born in Tennessee, but raised in Connecticut. I imagine her to be kind of a proper southern girl, except she's in comedy, so I don't think you're able to be proper in that world. She has since moved to California, leaving that Connecticut lifestyle behind her, because let's be honest, people in Los Angeles don’t care much for manners.

She Has 365 Impressions

We have to wonder if Zooey Deschanel knows about the above video in which Falcone does a bunch of celebrity impressions over the course of a year, including a really good one of Deschanel. Also, keep in mind Ariana Grande got famous by sing-impersonating other people, so good luck, Falcone.

Guest Roles

Although she’s never been cast as a recurring role, Falcone has appeared in shows like Californication, Anger Management, The Middle, and of course now New Girl.

The Joe Schmo Show


Remember at the height of reality TV, when they hired actors as contestants and tried to fool the main guy into thinking it was a real reality show? Well, Falcone was one of the actors in the second round of The Joe Schmo Show when the creators attempted a revival in 2013. She played "Skylar the Widow." If you forgot, some of the original cast members included Kristen Wiig and Natasha Leggero, so she's not in bad company.

“Special” Skills

According to Falcone’s resume, she exceeds in gymnastics, cheerleading, weight-lifting, and the ever-so-difficult tongue tricks. OK, so where is the Lifetime movie about the steroid-induced cheerleader, turned weight-lifting champion? I’ll be here waiting.